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  • 1 Γλωσσικές Υπηρεσίες - Linguistic Services

    Β&Β provides a wide range of linguistic and translation services that can be delivered independently or in combination. Services provided by Β&Β are governed by a system of quality management that guarantees high quality results and they can be totally adapted to our clients' special requirements.
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  • 2 Ιατρική Πληροφορική - Medical Informatics

    Το B-Health είναι ένα Ολοκληρωμένο Πληροφοριακό Σύστημα που καλύπτει απόλυτα τις μηχανογραφικές ανάγκες μιας σύγχρονης μονάδας παροχής υπηρεσιών υγείας. Σεβόμενο την οικονομία χρόνου, παρέχει υψηλό επίπεδο υπηρεσιών σε ασθενείς και ιατρούς, ενημερώνοντας παράλληλα τη διοίκηση με κάθε λεπτομέρεια.
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    Καλύτερη εξυπηρέτηση των ασθενών, Παραγωγικότερη εργασία, Μείωση του κόστους λειτουργίας, Άριστη εικόνα της επιχείρησης, Επεκτασιμότητα, Συμβατότητα με όλες τους τύπους Μονάδων Υγείας, Αρμονία με τους νόμους, Αξιόπιστο, Γρήγορο, Ασφαλές, Ευέλικτο, Ηλεκτρονική διασύνδεση με τις κρατικές αρχές
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    Φορητά τερματικά με αναγνώστη Barcode, Web Interface για απομακρυσμένη χρήση, Λειτουργία μέσω Tablet για χρήση κόντα στον ασθενή, Mobile έκδοση για λειτουργία ειδικών εφαρμογών και ενημερώσεων
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  • 5 Fields of expertise in Linguistic Services

    Technology, Consumer Electronics, Manufacturing and engineering, Finance, Health care and Life Sciences, Business Services, Retail and Commerce, Science, Travel, Tourism, Recreation and Arts
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Funds / Insurances agreements

Because there is a great number of different agreements that the clinic can make with different private insurance companies or social security Funds, the system offers the possibility to build an agreement separately for each insurance institution easily and flexibly, so that invoicing is automated, reducing the cost, invoicing duration, but also maintaining the signed agreement, since user is not necessary to intervene, although this is not limiting. In case of intervention on a pre-selected agreement, the system, following the agreement’s maintaining rules, indicates the point altered, the user, the work-station and the time in order to provide the chance to check whether this action was a correction movement or not.

Doctor’s portion – Certified books

The system automatically issues all certified books foreseen by the law, that the medical institution is obliged to maintain.

Appointment management

It registers patient appointments for medical examination or medical care, providing the ability to better schedule and prepare, but also facilitate and accelerate patient’s entry into the rehabilitation setting, exploiting to the greater extend the arrangement made on phone by your clinic’s executive when arranging the appointment.

Patient flow management

Data of patient who is about to enter are registered, by simultaneously opening a medical folder and all necessary electronic documents are automatically issued, so that entry time is reduced to the minimum.
At the same time, patient can be placed to bed by using the floor plan which is available by the system.

Out-patient clinics Secretariat

This element registers patient’s personal data, issues when asked referrals for each department, while it is simultaneously issuing vouchers and updating patient visit book. At the same time, thanks to its interconnection to laboratory software, it automatically plans analyzers required for the kind of examinations that the patient will follow. After completion of examinations, it automatically transfers and files the results to the electronic medical file.

Surgery monitoring

It provides the ability of scheduling surgeries per operating-theater, surgeon, type of surgery as well as time and duration of operation.
It also registers surgery group, anesthesiologist group and surgery’s records.

X-ray diagnostics management

Secretariat of x-ray diagnostics department is given the possibility to monitor the plan of scheduled examinations so that they arrange and exploit processing time.
The system offers the ability, using digital sound recorders connected to the computers, to gather in real-time recorded diagnosis from all clinic departments and through pre-prepared electronic patterns for each type of examination and doctor, it can register all results, which are automatically filed to the electronic medical file and are available to doctors or authorized users.

Electronic medical file

In patient’s electronic medical file are gathered automatically and kept by the system all laboratory results, medicines, conclusions, pictures received from different medical devices, surgery’s records. It is also possible digitalizing securities with the appropriate automated subsystem we possess and you can obtain.
Medical file is automatically accessed by authorized doctors from wherever they are, inside or outside the clinic. Access is allowed as much to current medical care as to history of patient’s records.

Orders – Charges – Referrals

The system provides the opportunity to write down and charge medicines, materials, medical actions etc from different clinic departments, issuing simultaneously the referral but also registers automatically the date, the operator and the work station from which the charge was made in order to facilitate communication among departments and avoid slips.
That way you can each moment cross-check the course of patient’s medical care and the charges.


During incident invoicing, it is offered the ability to issue a voucher per each financial debtor, as they were specified when patient entered the institution, automatically applying agreement rules separately for each of them and according to the location chosen by the patient for their medical care. Although authorized user has full flexibility during incident invoicing, each intervention is recorded so that cross-check is allowed in order to avoid mistakes.

Surgery packet management

All kinds of surgeries can be grouped together and passed down to the system, according to the clinic they belong and their seriousness, so that cost calculation is automatically done and the patient is in time informed, as far as necessary amount of money owed for the specific operation is concerned. Subsequently, the system can provide data related to cost evaluation of the packet, based on actual consumption and actions taken.

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